January 14 – Cabrillo Weekly Bulletin

What is Happening at Cabrillo…
The Student Council is doing a Sock Drive to support the troops!

This week, student council would like to ask students to bring in socks for our troops overseas. Please bring in socks that are:
-knee high in length
-in adult sizes

Each class that brings in 25 pairs or more will receive extra recess.
Please bring in SOCKS by January 21!

Western Bingo Night has been moved to February 21 6:00-8:00. Save the date! It’s going to be a blast!

Vision for Student Success
$1,261,025 still to raise by January 31, 2014

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Coming Up in January:

January 9   Site Council Meeting – 3:00pm

January 14  PTA Meeting – 6:00pm

January 20  Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday-NO SCHOOL


At barely the halfway mark of the 2013-3014 school year, I am extremely pleased to report we are well on our way to ensuring students’ achieve to their potential.  Dream…Believe…Succeed!

Understanding that students learn in different ways and at different rates, our goal is to provide them with a learning environment that meets their individual needs, access to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and addresses the whole child.  Understanding that on a day-to-day basis we must not only teach students to read, write and problem solve, the teachers and staff of Cabrillo focus on the integration of social, physical, collaborative, creative and cooperative skills.  Through the support and involvement of both the parents and community the students’ lives are further enriched and empowered.

We ended our year on Friday, December 20, 2013 with an ALL school assembly.  My gift to fill the students’ buckets was to invite my new friends the Twins Trevor and Austin to entertain.  The assembly began with a wrap-up of our character bucket-filling theme of kindness and gratitude. Several students led by Dylan Friedman shared a video they made called “Random Acts of Kindness”.  The assembly ended with songs for singing and dancing by the twins dedicated to the students of Cabrillo for all their hard work and kindness this year!

The year began with a focus on bucket-filling and service to others.  In September there was a bucket filling assembly to teach/review the concept of bucket-filling:  the concept of the bucket, the dipper and the lid.  Learning the lid would be our primary tool for standing up to bullies this year.   As we moved further into September, we focused on “World Peace” making peace flags and holding a Peace Day Assembly which concluded with human peace symbol on the field for all to see.  We kept the Peace focus and theme carrying through our studies and service learning as we moved forward into November and shared it at the Malibu Veteran’s Day Celebration.

Meanwhile as this integrated the curriculum and giving the whole child focus at school, teachers were working in collaboration with the Pt. Dume teachers on Professional Development in the areas of Common Core math and CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction).  CGI teaches problem solving and critical thinking as well as helping kids to explain their thinking.  We also took our staff development focus towards English Language Arts and worked with teachers from Conejo Unified School District in the area of Writing.  Using a program called Rainbow Writing and Step-Up to Writing the teachers collaborated and shared to create consistency and structure as well as allowing all kids access to the CCSS in English Language Arts. Through hands-on demonstration lessons the teachers received first hand staff development in writing.

Also in October and November, we as a school-wide community focused on safety and school improvement by working to refine and refresh our safety procedures and policies that were developed  last year.  Plus given the new information about possible health concerns caused through various building materials at MHS and Cabrillo staff, parents and the community experts came together to research, test, analyze and plan to develop best practices in the best interests of our students.  Of course this is and will be an ongoing process.  Finally with December and throughout the year the PTA plan and implemented a variety of Family Fin events such as the Camp-out, the Back-to-School BBQ and the DISCO Dance.  Parents attended Common Core Webinars, Safety workshops,  Instrumental Music presentation and “Bagels and Books” Book Fair activities to inform and educate.  While the Student Council organized weekly announcements, recognized positive student behavior and developed activities to keep school spirit high.  Activities included such events as the Halloween parade, Malibu pie contest and the Book Fair.  They also hosted spirit days such as the PJ day that ended the year on December 20, 2013.

As you can see it has already been an extremely active and full bucket-filling year and not even 1/2 way over!  If one event best wrapped it all up then I would conclude that our Cirque Del Cabrillo the Winter Performance with the theme around “World Peace” and dreams says it all.  All Cabrillo students in K-5 participated in the show which was performed in two parts on Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19, 2013.  On this magical adventure all discover that if you DREAM and reach for the stars you can SUCCEED if you BELIEVE!  The students of Juan Cabrillo do BELIEVE they have the potential to make a difference in the world, and that difference can impact Peace in the World!  Not bad since they   (the students of Cabrillo) are our future!

Filling buckets and developing the future TOGETHER!

Dr. Pam Herkner

December 16 – Cabrillo Weekly Bulletin

This week at Cabrillo…

December 18 – 8:30am Winter Vocal Concert Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grades

December 19 –  8:30am Winter Vocal Concert 1st, 3rd and 5th grades

December 23- January 3   Winter recess

January 6, 2014 – School resumes

Winter Vocal Concerts
There will be extra parking at Malibu Methodist during the concerts on both Wednesday and Thursday!

Cacao Luxe will be on hand with holiday treats! (20% of proceeds go right back to our programs!)

Lost and Found
The lost and found bin is overflowing! Please check the fence this week and claim your missing items! Anything left after December 20th will be donated!



Vision for Student Success Campaign

Thank you to our Cabrillo Families who have donated to the VSS!

Briggs-Arce Family
Deshautelle Family
Hayman Family
Nickerson Family
Craig Strachan



$1,408,807 still to raise by January 31, 2014

Principal’s Message…

Dear Parents,

As you know I have been sharing the importance of filling buckets and teaching our children to fill buckets. Today I want to express the extreme importance of keeping your own buckets full. When we take care of ourselves we are better equipped to take care of others. As parents it can become very easy for us to forget about our own needs as we become all encompassed in the needs of daily living and caring for a family. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to care for your own needs…right? This is where bucket-filling can truly benefit you. To be a bucket-filler is to do something kind for someone else…but to do it sincerely.

Parents who have full buckets and teach their children to be bucket fillers give their children a great start on the road to happiness. When children are in good, secure relationships with people who take the time to be with them, they thrive and feel good about themselves.

While I have never met a parent who does not want their children to be “happy,” many parents don’t seem to fully understand what constitutes happiness or how to help their children achieve it. Rather than focusing on short term, transient happiness based upon “happenings,” such as receiving a new toy or winning a game, “lifelong happiness” is possible when you realize two very important truths:

  1. Other people love, care about, and help you when you need it. (Other people fill your bucket.)
  2. You love, care about, and help others when they need it. (You fill other people’s buckets.)

From birth through age eight children absorb data like little sponges and are greatly influenced by the words and actions of the most significant people in their lives, primarily their parents. In addition to feeling accepted, loved and enjoyed, bucket filling parents teach their children the many ways to fill buckets.

They teach them to be kind, help others, take care of themselves, try new things, and appreciate the world around them. When parents and teachers use bucket filling language and apply thoughtful consequences to behavior, children learn right from wrong, value self, resilience, and the benefits of delayed gratification.

Happy people are caring, responsible people who have learned how to graciously receive and generously give love, to understand their emotions, and to control their actions. When adults patiently teach children these important life lessons, they are helping them to become caring, loving, capable, and happy.

It is through these lessons that a child develops social/emotional intelligence and learns to be a friend and a good person. It is essential that parents, grandparents, and teachers engage their children in age appropriate, bucket-filling activities that will give them the opportunity to learn about themselves as they interact with those in the world around them. This is the path to filling children’s buckets with lasting happiness.

We have seen that children who are surrounded by an environment of adults that serve as positive bucket filling role models become true bucket fillers themselves. They learn from experience to become bucket fillers and how to keep their buckets and the buckets of others full. Children who become bucket fillers are better equipped to solve problems, overcome challenges, and live rewarding and truly happy lives.

So this year, make sure that your bucket is full and be a role model bucket filling parent! That is a gift your child will benefit from for years to come!

Filling buckets and developing the future TOGETHER!


Dr. Pam Herkner


Only as high as I reach I can grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I IMAGINE can I be.

The future doesn’t lie ahead of you,
Waiting to happen.
It lies deep inside of you,
Waiting to be discovered.
So invite the unexpected.
It won’t care if you’re not the perfect host.
All you have to do is BELIEVE!
(No Limits but the Sky)

To laugh often and much…
To appreciate beauty to find
The best in others, to leave
The world a bit better…
To know even one life has
Breathed easier because
You have lived.
This is to have


Environmental Issue

December 13, 2013

For those of you who were unable to attend the Board of Education Study Session held on December 12, I’d like to provide a summary of the activities that took place. The agenda for the Study Session can be found here http://www.smmusd.org/PublicNotices/Board/121213StudySessAgenda.pdf.

The Study Session presentation had three key points of focus. The first was to offer a review of the background and the environmental situation of Malibu High School. The second was to review actions taken to date to respond to the situation and address the employee and community concerns. The third was to assess the next steps to be taken at Malibu High School and Juan Cabrillo with a four-point action plan. The PowerPoint presentation slides can be found here http://www.smmusd.org/PublicNotices/Board/121213EnvStudySession.pdf.

A key component of the Study Session was the information presented from governmental agency experts concerning the existing environmental evaluation at the Malibu schools. The experts included Mr. Steve Armann and Dr. Patrick Wilson from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 9), as well as Mr. Thomas Cota from the California Department of Toxic Substance Control. These experts answered questions from the Board, as well as from members of the Malibu Schools Environmental Task Force and the public.

With the Board’s direction, the District will take the following next steps:

December 2013

  • Select Environmental Engineering firm with Task Force participation
  • Create cleaning plan
  • Environmental Engineering firm will outline best management practices for use
  • Districtwide and assist with next steps for implementation
  • District pre-1979 building and land audit completed and provided to Environmental Engineering firm
  • Project coordinator schedule meeting dates for Task Force

January – February 2013

  • Finalize plan with DTSC/EPA and begin further testing and management per plan outline
  • Project coordinator begins to oversee all aspects of environmental plan
  • Return students and teachers back to classrooms as soon as possible
  • Widen scope of Task Force to include Santa Monica participants and bargaining representatives to address Districtwide air quality plan.

The video of the Study Session will be posted here http://santamonica.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=5. I understand the urgency to have the video posted online as soon as possible, so we are working with video technicians from both Malibu and Santa Monica to get that accomplished.

Sandra Lyon

Important “Changes & Reminders” this week at Juan Cabrillo!

PTA meeting has been canceled this Friday at 8:30am, but join us after the holidays in January!

The Disco Dance this Friday 6:00-8:00pm has a change of plans – the twins Trevor & Austin McCarthy have an audition that night & won’t be able to sing at our dance, but they’ll be back soon to our school!  Good luck to them :)

We have an amazing DJ named Christian who’s ready to play some music, so everyone can boogie!

Don’t forget to turn in your yellow form (in your directory packet) for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD 7″ – drawing will be at the dance.

Directories were passed out last week & if you didn’t receive your child’s teacher will make sure they get in their backpack (so be sure to check) read & return yellow form!

Looking forward to a fun Disco Dance….

Environmental Issues: Study Session

Dear SMMUSD Employees and Parents,

This Thursday, December 12, the Board of Education’s regular meeting will be relocated to Malibu City Hall and preceded by a two-hour study session, which will allow the Board to examine in-depth the current questions, concerns and action plan regarding environmental health at the Malibu schools.

Board Study Session Details

  • 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Malibu City Hall

Board Regular Meeting

  • Closed session 4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Regular meeting 6:00 p.m.

Agenda for Study Session:
1.Background/Action to Date
Malibu School Community’s Health Concerns and Questions

2. Next Steps/Continued Testing and Improved Maintenance Efforts

3. Input from Government Environmental and Health Agencies

Invited to attend/present and take Board and community:

Steve Armann, PCB Program Coordinator, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9
Patrick Wilson, Ph. D., Senior Regional Toxicologist, EPA, Region 9
Tom Cota, Branch Chief, School Evaluation & Brownfield Outreach, Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC)
Angelo Bellomo, Director, Environmental Health, Los Angeles Department of Public Health (DPH)

4. Public Questions (30 minutes)
Note: Throughout the meeting, all attendees are welcome to submit questions in writing to the Board President, who will work to integrate them into the discussion and/or secure responses through a follow-up Q and A, which will be posted on the District website.

5. Board to Review/Give Direction on the Proposed Next-Steps Action Plan

The meeting location was selected to provide convenient access for Malibu employees and residents; however, if you are unable to attend, the meeting will be replayed on in Malibu on Government Access Ch. 3 every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and posted online at http://santamonica.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=5.

If you have questions, please feel free to submit them in writing to Sarah Wahrenbrock, my administrative assistant, at mhsfaq@smmusd.org; we will strive to respond to all questions within 24 hours.

Thank you,
Sandra Lyon
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
310.450.8338 x70-229 or 70-240
310.581.1138 (fax)

December 9, 2013 – Cabrillo Weekly Bulletin

This Week At Cabrillo…

December 12 –  Site Council Meeting – 3:00pm

December 13 – PTA Meeting – 8:30am

December 13 – DOLPHIN DISCO Dance – 6:00-8:00pm

Coming Up …

December 18 – Winter Vocal Concert

December 19 –   Winter Vocal Concert

December 23- January 3   Winter recess

Principal’s Message…



The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education will be moving the location of its regular meeting on Thursday, December 12 from the district office to Malibu City Hall (23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA).

Closed session will begin at its usual time of 4:30pm in the Surfrider Room. Open session will begin in the city council chambers at 6:00pm (normally, the start time is 5:30pm).

The Board of Education and Superintendent decided to move this regularly scheduled meeting to Malibu because a study session has been scheduled on the agenda to address the recent environmental concerns at Malibu High School and Juan Cabrillo Elementary School.

Open session will begin at 6:00pm, rather than 5:30pm, to accommodate an open house the City of Malibu is hosting that evening from 4:00-6:00pm.

The agenda for December 12 will be posted to the district website this week at:http://www.smmusd.org/board/meetings.html.

On Thursday, December 12th, starting at 6pm, a panel of experts will address the board to explain the current state of the environmental issue at MHS/Juan Cabrillo. These experts include the EPA region 9, Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC), Department of Health. This panel will address the School Board on the issues. This is a great time to hear for yourself from the Government agencies and next steps.

I believe that Dr. Patrick Wilson from the EPA will be there to explain the PCB issue. This is the EPA expert has been extremely helpful educating the Task Force about PCBs. The Dept. of Health will talk about how the situation and the health impact of our kids and teachers. The DTSC (which is part of the California EPA) will discuss their leading agency role in the next phase of our testing of both schools with assistance from the other agencies as well as the implementation of best practices. The DTSC has a lot of experience in soil testing on school campuses.

The district will be hiring an Environmental Engineering Firm to do all the work that the agencies require. Supt. Sandra Lyon said this firm will be vetted by multiple people (not just the district) and be approved by these expert governmental agencies.  This new hire along with the government agencies, will do the planning, testing, remediation, & implementation of best practices. Plans are to hire someone to help support timely communications.

Hope to see all of you Thursday at 6pm at City Hall. Thank you for your continued support. TOGETHER we will work towards a solution to ensure an optimum learning environment for students, staff and parents!

Filling Buckets and Developing our Future Together!
Dr. Pam Herkner

Christmas%20Cheer%202013In a continuing effort to help those in need within our local schools this holiday season, Malibu Relief has launched Christmas Cheer.  In cooperation with your school administration and the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu we have established a list of requested items from each family member.  In order to make it easier for our entire community to participate, we posted those items online through www.target.com.  This enables you to purchase a gift(s) without having to go to a specific location. 








December 4, 2013 – Cabrillo Weekly Bulletin

Here’s What’s Coming Up at Cabrillo…

December 13 – PTA Meeting 8:30am



Not to be missed! Bring the whole family and get your groove on! Next Friday, December 13, 6:00 – 8:00pm

School Directories are in…

Pick up your new School Directory starting tomorrow afternoon!  There will be important information to read and you could win a Kindle Fire HD 7″!!!  Make sure to read the details.